Data Visualization with Plotly in WordPress

After building a WebScraper with BeautifulSoup, I decided to visualize the data with Plotly. Note: for the book data “prices and ratings here were randomly assigned and have no real meaning” as stated by the source website books.toscrape.com because the website it used for testing purposes. Unfortunately the official documentation is not super helpful andContinue reading “Data Visualization with Plotly in WordPress”

How to Track Machine Learning Experiments with TWO Lines of Python

Introduction You just hit the run button on your machine learning model and everything works *whew*. BEFORE you go turning all the knobs and dials, it’s important to set up some type of system for collecting data (you should know how important that is!) on your experiments. With only two lines of python code, youContinue reading “How to Track Machine Learning Experiments with TWO Lines of Python”

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