Data Visualization with Plotly in WordPress

After building a WebScraper with BeautifulSoup, I decided to visualize the data with Plotly. Note: for the book data “prices and ratings here were randomly assigned and have no real meaning” as stated by the source website because the website it used for testing purposes. Unfortunately the official documentation is not super helpful andContinue reading “Data Visualization with Plotly in WordPress”

Do NOT Store Your Data as a CSV File

This was a hard lesson to learn that seems obvious in hindsight. When I was a less-experienced developer, I was working on a web scraper where I took took data from an online source and appended it to a Pandas DataFrame. When I was done scraping I then converted the DataFrame into a CSV fileContinue reading “Do NOT Store Your Data as a CSV File”

How to Track Machine Learning Experiments with TWO Lines of Python

Introduction You just hit the run button on your machine learning model and everything works *whew*. BEFORE you go turning all the knobs and dials, it’s important to set up some type of system for collecting data (you should know how important that is!) on your experiments. With only two lines of python code, youContinue reading “How to Track Machine Learning Experiments with TWO Lines of Python”

Building a Webscraper with BeautifulSoup

In this article, I walk you through the building a program takes online book data on and stores it in a local SQLite database. You can see all the code for the completed project here. Introduction Data exists somewhere, but we want it somewhere else. This is the fundamental problem posed in data engineering;Continue reading “Building a Webscraper with BeautifulSoup”

UFC Rankings: Should You Trust Them?

Introduction Are you a typical UFC viewer? Have you ever wondered if the ranking next to a UFC fighter’s last name actually means anything? I was curious and wanted to answer this question by investigating the data. Why The Rankings Matter There are real implications for the fighters: their UFC ranking is an important part ofContinue reading “UFC Rankings: Should You Trust Them?”